Guest Blog: Brand (re)Activation: The Kalyppo Case & Future Success


Just a few days ago, Kalyppo, a fruit juice from Aquafresh Ghana Limited was unarguably not a “standout” beverage in the market it targets and obviously not in the new market it has broken into. Yes, Kalyppo may have had some good run in the past but managing the life-cycle of a brand in a market with such bursts of substitutes has never been easy.

Everything changed (free publicity & demand hits the roof) for this brand when the leader of the main opposition political party is spotted sipping this beverage that doesn’t even target his demographic.

Questions arise as to the mastermind and the kind of Outcome-Based Thinking (OBT) technique employed to gauge and hit a marketing “bulls-eye” albeit unintentional.

Whether borne out of mischief or muster,one thing is clear;

Endorsement works!!!!

Especially from personalities with a cult following (politicians, religious, athletes, etc.) intended or unintended as the current case is clearly of the latter kind.

The incident and what it was or was not intended for, presents the management of Aquafresh with both an opportunity in the market and a risk in perception, no doubt.

The fact that on their Facebook page, Kalyppo appreciates the new patronage from every Ghanaian and not a grouping and further preaches peaceful election and patronising made in Ghana is very commendable as that neutralises the risk of perception or any future liability thereof.

The irony here is of an aged breathing new life into a brand somewhat ” aged” in its life cycle but meant for ” new life“.

Almost all of Kalyppo’s brand (re)activation metrics i.e (Relevance, Return on Investment, Uniqueness, Amplification) have seen tremendous boosts.

The future success and the real challenge will be for management of Aquafresh to strategically utilise Outcome-Based Thinking Strategies to gain in terms of long-term market potential for Kalypo and how to integrate the capabilities from all this to affect other brands in their portfolio.

In short, however, this election goes, Aquafresh as a company and Kalypo as a brand should be the better for it.

The writer is Appiah-Kubi KwatengHead, Customer Operations and Inside Sales at Jobberman Ghana Limited.