Ghanaian CEOs who actively used Social Media to drive conversations around their Business in 2016


It’s the last day of 2016. 365 days ago, I remember writing about CSR trends which emerged in 2015; at a time when my blog was teething. A year down the line, it’s been a great time of sharing my thoughts on PR, Marketing, and Social media from my one corner.

Coincidentally, today is the last day of the year and on my last blog for 2016, I highlight some CEO’s in Ghana, who used social media to drive conversations around their business and created valuable content on social media.

A few months ago, I remember Digital Communication and Marketing Expert, Kwabena Appianing urged CEOs of brands in the country that want to stay on top of the minds their consumers and clients to step up their efforts on social media.

He explained that the way we all communicate in our everyday life has changed; as everyone is more social today and taking a social approach to one’s business has a number of advantages because it embraces this change in communication.

Mr Appianing intimated that CEOs who have used social media to establish themselves as influencers in their industries have solidified both their company and their personal brands and that the reluctance of many CEO’s to use social media should be of optimum concern to those who manage their digital strategies.

In 2016, I identified six (6) young and enterprising CEO’s, who used social media to drive conversations around their business. So how did I go about selecting who to be on the list?

One of the biggest measures I employed in determining who to include was answering the question: who is creating true value or value-add on content for their followers/fans. I measured this in terms of originality, industry leadership, and insight into their organisation. Secondly, I took into consideration CEOs who actively and consistently, contributed to an agenda.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my CEO honours list for 2016;


I wish I could say the CEO of Airtel Ghana is a rising star on social media but that isn’t the case. She is an established force. The erstwhile Marketing Woman of the Year has been using social media this year to actively push the S.T.E.M agenda she champions and other notable initiatives Airtel Ghana undertook throughout the year. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Airtel as a brand is doing very well on the telecommunications landscape.


Nathaniel Kwabena Adisi otherwise known as Bola Ray in showbiz circles is the dynamic CEO of the EIB Network. During the early part of this year, I had the privilege of meeting him; as part of a work-related undertaking. After a conversation with him, I knew that the EIB brand was in good hands. Unlike the traditional CEO, Mr Adisi is young and active on social media. He uses it to promote the EIB brand and his Starr Drive programme and also motivate his followers/fans.


If Akosua Kwafo Ogyiri puts you on her list of influential persons for 2016, then you have earned it. Derrydean also earns a place on my list. He calls himself the Chief Doer of DreamOval and he sure does makes things happen. I began following Derrydean Dadzie some months ago and he is a young man challenging and changing the status quo. He is active on social media and you can find him engaging contemporaries in debates around our socio-politics or using it to engage others about the DreamOval brand’s Slydepay and DOTTS series.

  • Godwin Martey (CEO, Websoft Solutions)


He refers to himself as Big Godwin. Mr Martey is not just one of the rising young CEO’s in Ghana but one of the rising influencers on social media. From my one corner, I monitored his posts, which were about what Websoft Solutions was doing and motivational pieces for young Ghanaian entrepreneurs. His passions for success is infectious and if you doubt this, visit his facebook account.


During the second half of the year, the young CEO of Beige Capital, one of the fastest growing Savings & Loans Company in Ghana, began using social media actively. I monitored him as he grew his following and drove conversations around the Beige brand, his successes, social change, and continental expansion for Ghanaian businesses.


Last but not the least, I present to you Adiza. If you are looking for the definition of someone who knows her stuff, talks and walks her brand, she is a perfect example. During the year under review, she used social media to actively create awareness about the free initiatives and activities her business undertook while using her platforms to educate her following/fans about proper grooming and styling.

Do you know any other CEO in Ghana, who actively used social media to drive conversations around their business and social change in 2016? Let’s have more conversations in 2017!

Happy New Year!