Ghanaian PR Professionals to follow on Social Media


It is an undeniable fact that social media has become a tool which creates and fosters essential connections and conversations. In recent years, PR/Communications professionals in Ghana; especially the young, tech-savvy generation of practitioners are actively employing it for personal or professional purposes.

If you are like me, I am sure you probably like to follow people who provide relevant content you can use and learn from. After all, what is the essence of interactions if some knowledge from others cannot rub over you.

On my blog today, I share with you a list of some Ghanaian PR/Communication professionals to follow on social media. This list is my compilation and I’m sure you might know others who also deserve a mention. So, after reading, please do not hesitate to make mention of any  you might know in the comment section of this piece.

One of the few people I know who is passionate about her niche area. Miss Ocloo is a Fashion PR specialist, founder of Daily PR Africa, and also a Columnist for the Business and Financial Times. For anything related to fashion in Ghana and lifestyle, I recommend her as the go-to professional.

With years of experience as a Journalist, Communications & Corporate Affairs Specialist, Mr Bruce is a core member of Tigo Ghana’s award-winning Communications Team. His insightful thoughts on trending issues in the areas of CSR/Sustainability, general PR tips, and local/global politics is always a delight.

She describes herself as a PR executive, blogger and a social media rat. Akosua is a senior Communications Officer with Ghana’s foremost Communications consultancy – Stratcomm Africa. She is passionate about corporate governance, Ghanaian and global politics, and social media. Often, you will see that reflected in her conversation on social media.

He is a Digital Marketing and Communications Expert, who leads PZ Cussons Africa’s Digital Marketing efforts. Occasionally, I find myself visiting his twitter account and like a miner, I extract nuggets from his deep wealth of knowledge in the areas of communications, digital marketing, politics, and other salient social issues.

She is an award-winning PR professional and a bad-ass Communication & Strategy specialist, who heads Tigo Ghana’s Corporate Affairs department. For anything CSR/Sustainability and political communication, i recommend her highly. (PS: You will love her twitter commentary on the American election debates)

Yaw is a Relationship Officer with the Nationwide Mutual Healthcare and budding PR professional, who has a deep-seated passion for good customer relations, social media, and pertinent social issues.

Miss Clegg is a PR/ Marketing Communications Professional and a current Masters student at the University of Northampton. She is a tech-savvy PR professional, whose thoughts and insights on the current trends in the PR industry is something to follow.

Nathaniel is a Corporate Communications specialist with the Volta River Authority (VRA). He is a social media enthusiast, who was recently featured on the CitiTrends Debate on Citi Fm. He is also a regular participant of the #PRChatAfrica.

Mr Kesse is a marketing maniac and a writing enthusiast. If you doubt this, have a look at his profiles, where you will find him give share insights on trending issues. This lively gentleman is the Head of Communications & Public Relations at Capital Bank. It’s no wonder that the bank has a lively presence both online and offline.

A  Tullow Group scholar, who is currently the head of PR for the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in the Western Region. Philip is involved with the helping roll out the new, improved and service-focused face of the ECG. If you are cutting your teeth in the areas of stakeholder management and public affairs, you know the drill – follow him.

Kofi is Communications and Social media Officer at Population Services International Ghana. He is a Kumvana Fellow, a leading Barcamp Ghana member and an avid blogger. His rich knowledge in the areas of social enterprise, technology, and media industries makes him the ideal person to follow and strike a convo with.

Which Ghanaian PR/Communications professional would you add to this list? Let’s have a conversation in my one corner.


Guest Blog: Brand (re)Activation: The Kalyppo Case & Future Success


Just a few days ago, Kalyppo, a fruit juice from Aquafresh Ghana Limited was unarguably not a “standout” beverage in the market it targets and obviously not in the new market it has broken into. Yes, Kalyppo may have had some good run in the past but managing the life-cycle of a brand in a market with such bursts of substitutes has never been easy.

Everything changed (free publicity & demand hits the roof) for this brand when the leader of the main opposition political party is spotted sipping this beverage that doesn’t even target his demographic.

Questions arise as to the mastermind and the kind of Outcome-Based Thinking (OBT) technique employed to gauge and hit a marketing “bulls-eye” albeit unintentional.

Whether borne out of mischief or muster,one thing is clear;

Endorsement works!!!!

Especially from personalities with a cult following (politicians, religious, athletes, etc.) intended or unintended as the current case is clearly of the latter kind.

The incident and what it was or was not intended for, presents the management of Aquafresh with both an opportunity in the market and a risk in perception, no doubt.

The fact that on their Facebook page, Kalyppo appreciates the new patronage from every Ghanaian and not a grouping and further preaches peaceful election and patronising made in Ghana is very commendable as that neutralises the risk of perception or any future liability thereof.

The irony here is of an aged breathing new life into a brand somewhat ” aged” in its life cycle but meant for ” new life“.

Almost all of Kalyppo’s brand (re)activation metrics i.e (Relevance, Return on Investment, Uniqueness, Amplification) have seen tremendous boosts.

The future success and the real challenge will be for management of Aquafresh to strategically utilise Outcome-Based Thinking Strategies to gain in terms of long-term market potential for Kalypo and how to integrate the capabilities from all this to affect other brands in their portfolio.

In short, however, this election goes, Aquafresh as a company and Kalypo as a brand should be the better for it.

The writer is Appiah-Kubi KwatengHead, Customer Operations and Inside Sales at Jobberman Ghana Limited. 

Marketing takeaways from the #KalyppoChallenge

Have you heard of the #KalyppoChallenge? I have and its spreading like wildfire all over Facebook and Twitter. In the last few days, pictures of a well-known politician here in Ghana, enjoying a box of Kalyppo has been circulating on social media. It caught my attention and upon inquiry, I was informed that initially political opponents sought to use this image as a troll but those sympathetic to the cause of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and admirers of Nana Addo, flagbearer of the NPP saw an opportunity in there and birthed the #KalyppoChallenge.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, Flagbearer of the NPP

This challenge saw those sympathetic to the NPP or Nana Addo share on social media, selfies (also called Kalfies) of themselves sipping on this “carbonated drink” as A-Plus calls it. Images came along with captions in support for Nana Addo or the NPP and hashtags like #DrinkItLikeNana #EnjoyItLikeNana

These apparatchiks or admirers in their posts on social media also encouraged individuals to patronise made in Ghana goods; a message which relates to and resonates with Nana Addo’s ‘I believe in Ghana’ slogan from 2012.

Soon enough, the challenge gathered momentum and its buzz was all about social media and some notable personalities were challenging others to pick up the Kalyppo challenge.

Below are some images culled from Facebook.

Even political opponents were challenged to pick up the #KalyppoChallenge. Below is a picture of popular Lawyer and a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC),  Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo, who was challenged by Kow Essuman of the NPP.

Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo, Lawyer and Member of the NDC

From my one corner, I have gleaned a few lessons from this campaign and four (4) poignant takeaways are;

  1. You cannot discount the impact one brand (PERSONALITY) can have on another brand (ENTITY).
  1. Intentional and Unintentional Influencer endorsement can do a lot more for a company’s bottom line. An example is a book which sold out because Elon Musk mentioned that he was reading it.
  1. There is always an OPPORTUNITY in what might seem like a disadvantaged situation or crisis. Every cloud they say has a silver lining.
  1. If the campaign is locally relevant, is for a local good and/or offers local benefits, it will get the much needed (local) support.

As it stands now, what isn’t clear is who actually started the campaign and the timelines for it but Nana Addo’s random act and the conscious actions of his sympathisers seems to have won it for Aquafresh (manufacturers of Kalyppo). I can bet my last pesewa that they will see some change in their bottom-line.

On the other hand, can this action (campaign)  influence the political fortunes of Nana Addo this time around? Will it garner the much-needed numbers and support for him? That’s a question for the electorates to answer on December 7. I will be observing from my One Corner

For now, what are your thoughts on the #KalyppoChallenge? Let’s have a conversation in my one corner.