Worthy examples of brands newsjacking the #ManiSark beef

The dust is yet to settle on the epic feud between M.anifest and Sarkodie, two of Ghana’s top hiplife artistes. In recent weeks, the talented musicians have been “beefing” (as those in the hip hop circles will call it); and using very punchy lyrics in their respective diss tracks to bloody each other’s nose.

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Their beef has caused a social media storm and got everyone talking. In the midst of the conversations around this beef, some peronalities have waded in and some brands have wittingly tried to cash in, using tweets and post on Twitter and Facebook. This action is what PR and Marketing experts call Newsjacking.

So, what at all is newsjacking?

Newsjacking…popularized by marketer David Meerman Scott is what happens when brands leverage or piggyback off the biggest or trending news stories to draw attention to their own brand message.

While on the surface this might seem like something PR or Marketing people have been doing for years, newsjacking takes the practice to the next level, as it helps content and messages to instantly reach interested or targeted parties. It is a tricky and delicate approach but when done effectively, newsjacking can have an immediate impact, allowing a brand’s PR/marketing efforts to either become part of the trend or get ahead of the conversation.

On my blog today, I want to highlight two brands using the #ManiSark beef wonderfully to leverage their content and message.

KFC Ghana

In a post on Facebook and a tweet on Twitter, KFC Ghana had an image of a bucket of chicken with the accompanying message, “What’s all this beef beef beef when you can have some finger lickin’ good chicken at KFC.”


This wonderful and witty tweet was hot off the mark, as KFC Ghana used this tweet to draw attention to its offering. The tweet and posts have so far generated some admiration on both Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, it generated 239 retweets and 83 likes, whiles on Facebook, it has 390,000 likes and 169 shares.

Takeaway: If you want newsjacking to contribute to bottom line, it is important to create clear links between the news and your product.

GTP Textile

GTP was caught in the line of Sakodie’s Kanta (or call it Counter) fire. In a line in his diss track, he stated “Obi b3 diss me a na 3ny3 rapper odi GTP ntoma pam kaba” to wit “if anybody will insult me, then it shouldn’t be a rapper who uses GTP textile to sow Kaba (a local dress worn by women)”.

Many on social media interpreted the Illuminati singer and 2012 Best International Act for Africa’s line as an attack on GTP textiles. GTP Textiles in what many have also concluded as a response also tweeted “#GTP prides itself on producing the best quality, best value textiles, and designs. Still Timeless.”

unnamed (2)

In my opinion, the GTP Textile brand used what was “an unfortunate situation” to reinforce the brand’s competitive advantage on the textile marketplace. The GTP Fashion tweet which has so far netted 232 Retweets, 80 likes, and several engagements was perfect.  Additionally, it also generated a lot of media mentions by notable media houses online.

Takeaway: Diving into a controversial or volatile issue is something that should be approached with caution.

Do you know any brand(s) having a bite of this beef? What are your thoughts on brands newsjacking events or trends? Let’s have a conversation in my one corner.


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