A Double-Do evening encounter with Dr. Joyce Aryee and Mawuko Afadzinu

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Dr. Joyce Aryee and Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu

The Institute of Public Relations Ghana (IPR Ghana), will be organizing a special two-pronged evening encounter with two of their senior members; who are world class PR practitioners to share some insights on the best practices in PR globally. This special ‘double-do evening encounter’ targets professional PR practitioners, PR students drawn from our universities, and the public.

Dr. Joyce Aryee will mentor students by looking at ‘Essential Habits for effective PR Practice’ and Mr Mawuko Afadzinu will walk the audience through ‘The beauty and the Beast: PR’s best practices’.

Dr. Joyce Aryee is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Relations, Ghana and other professional bodies. She was the CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Mines and had to deal with several PR challenges in the mining industry. Auntie Joyce, as she is affectionately called, is a Senior Mentor for the African Leadership Initiative (ALI), a leadership formation programme. She currently serves on Councils/ Boards of several organizations.

Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu is an Accredited member and the current Vice President of IPR. He is the head of Marketing and Communications at Stanbic Bank with several years of media and PR practice with expertise gained from different sectors.

These two PR gurus will deal with what others may consider the pitfalls of PR practice and what attitudes one must cultivate as a PR professional to ride all the storms one may encounter along the professional paths.

Dates: Tuesday, 5th April, 2016

Venue: The British Council Hall

Time: 4.30pm – 7.30pm

Rate: Free!


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