Ways PR helps drive Sales (3)

…Continued from Ways PR helps drive Sales (2)


Every company wants to ensure that they are the name, rather than the competition, which resonates in the mind of the customer when making purchase decisions.


Public Relations builds brand awareness and helps drive results by working to keep your company name frequently in front of your target audience; by generating interest and recognition based on the medium used. For instance, news stories by their very nature are more credible than advertisements.

Planned PR efforts will ensure visibility, traction in the marketplace, and mental recall about the differentiators of either a service or product to the right audience; thereby enhancing business development and sales activities.

Brand awareness, recognition, and credibility brand is insured and ensured through activities such as the dissemination of information about the company or industry growth, awards and recognition, rankings, and even news of major hiring or recruitment of talents.

Do you have any thoughts on the ways PR helps drive Sales? Let’s have a conversation in my one corner.



2 thoughts on “Ways PR helps drive Sales (3)

  1. Your article is good butpersonally, I feel only PR or communication pros can really understand its worth since the points u gave are broad and a layman can hardly understand. I opine that u should have added a bit of how PR can demonstrate to sales people or even managers that indeed it has driven their sales, in that sense I feel they would appreciate it better for everybody. Kudos again.

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