Ways PR helps drive Sales (2)

…Continued from Ways PR helps drive Sales (1)

Relationship building

Successful companies have lots of customers who patronize their product or services. But before this relationship is converted into revenue streams, companies build a great product or service and also identify and develop meaningful relationships. E.g. A successful brand like Apple does not only build good products but has over the years developed and maintained a mutually beneficial relationship with its stakeholders and publics; who are loyal to the brand to a fault and always keep coming back for more.

The plain truth is that strong customer relationship keeps a customer and also drive sales. In today’s competitive market economy, together with factors such as sustainability and growth, companies which build and maintain excellent customer and client relationships always have a competitive advantage.

As legendary management guru, Peter F. Drucker, puts it succinctly, “the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”

Relationship does matter

This is why companies invest in public relations (PR). What PR does is to identify and develop valuable and strategic relationships with key publics and stakeholders, including customers, investors, media, etc. PR targets the experts or influencers who shape customer opinion in the sector a business operates.

For instance, in almost every sector of business, there exists a group of people who influence the market. These “influencers” can be journalists, bloggers, key customers, industry analysts, investors or others. Their opinions shape what others think and do. the job of PR is to ensure that a working relationship is established and maintained with these influencers.

PR also to a large extent helps businesses to develop persuasive content to maintain the attention, engage with and, foster relationships with the influencers that matter to an organisation: the media, investors and shareholders, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In short,  it is not called PUBLIC RELATIONS for nothing.

Read more about the ways PR helps drive Sales tomorrow.


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