New Year resolutions by young PR professionals

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The holiday season is over and the accompanying merry making and fireworks, which characterized it has died away.

The reality is that 2015 is now history and 2016 is  already 9 days old.

I have made some personal and professional resolutions and can guess that you have made some too. As a young PR professional, i have resolved to be more resolute, proactive, build on the success i have achieved so far and network more this year. Nine (9) days into the new year, i can say that i am working assiduously towards making them a reality.

What are yours? How is it going so far?

This week, i engaged some young PR professionals in Ghana, to share what their 2016 professional resolutions are. I have collated their responses and what they aim to achieve for themselves in 2016. This is what they had to say:


This year my focus is on social media PR and content strategy. To achieve this, i have registered for a course online.

-Rosa Antoinette Annang, Communications Associate, Stratcomm Africa

I want to contribute to the development of the profession through my work and personally improve my skills through education and practice.

-Albert Amekudzi, Selam Consult, Managing Director

In the later part of 2015, I found myself working for a tech company. I have very little knowledge about the field but I am challenged to use my communication skills to make our customers, who patronize our services have satisfactory service support and experience.

-Lydia Esenam Adzimah, Customer Support Associate, DreamOval Limited

I look forward to understanding how communication works differently in the social enterprise sector and how corporate blogging could be a catalyst for communication in that sector.

-Kofi Yeboah, Communications Strategist

I want to help change the trend in sports communications, particularly football. My aim is to help football clubs appreciate, adopt and put into practice contemporary communication techniques.

-Tamimu Issah, Communications Officer, Ghana Football Association

I intend reading or listening to materials at least once every week, on my area of interest within PR to help improve myself. I believe alongside my professional training schedule for the year, this will go a long way to help me learn new trends within the field of PR.

-Nathaniel Ekue Mensah, Corporate Communications Officer, VRA

PR trends are changing with the speed of light and the only way practitioners can influence is by “connecting to the connected”. Thus, i intend to make my social media presence more profound by being active on social media and setting up a blog to write.

I also intend to attend many more PR/Marketing related events in order to open myself up to cross fertilization of ideas/practices.

-Joshua Tigo, Public Relations Officer, Accra Polytechnic

This year, I want to strengthen the internal communication functions at my organisation, so as to give staff adequate information about all activities and projects. This will in turn make every staff member a better ambassador and eventually take us a step towards building a better brand.

-Eunice Asantewaa Asante, Corporate Communications Intern at GIZ Ghana

I intend to build stronger networks and partnerships with people, who are already doing extremely well in the field of Public Relations; to foster my personal growth and understand emerging trends and skills required to improve my work.

I also intend to develop a smart communications strategy, which will increase the visibility of my organization by bringing out key strategic messages and brand values to the doorsteps of our stakeholders, especially on social media”.

-Samuel Creppy, Communications Consultant

In 2016, I intend to write more to sharpen my writings skills. I will also seek to strategically improve my personal and professional visibility; and leverage that reputation to build on some great contacts. Furthermore, I want to take the events I organise to the next level.

-Tommy O’Dell, Communications Director, Youth Empowerment & Advocacy Program (YEAP)

As a PR professional, I have made it a point to pay attention to the things that work well for my fellow communicators and also competitors in the industry I work.  I will seek to incorporate what i learn into whatever I do.

Kwame Hagan, Freelance Communications Consultant

Are you a PR professional? What are your professional resolutions for the New year? Share them in the comment section below.


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