Shatta Wale gives PR a seat at his management table

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Shatta Wale, Dancehall artiste

Shatta Wale is an artiste you expect to make the news for the wrong reasons. In the past it was either dissing another artiste, having a spat with Charterhouse Gh Ltd or pulling off a rather ridiculous and preposterous stunt on stage.

That has been his image and reputation for a while now – the bad boy of Gh’s music industry. The stories about him in recent times are changing though. I don’t know about you but the Shatta Wale I have seen in 2016 and some of the decisions he has made, puts me in a position to conclude that he has realized the “reality” or finally surrounded himself with the right crop of people.

One might argue that it seems the severance of his relationship with Bulldog, his Manager for a while now has breathed a fresh lease of hope and life into his brand. It could be a valid argument i may agree with. This is not to say that Bulldog was a bad influence on his brand. He contributed his widows mite into making and taking Shatta to the level he finds himself now.

Already, the year 2016 seems to have started off on a good note for him. Somewhere last week, he graced the Glo CAF Awards in Abuja, with a performance and personality which astonished his teeming fans in Ghana and captivated the hearts of many around the continent.

Two days ago, the self-acclaimed Dancehall King announced his new management team. It was a move which surprised many – myself included. Like the legendary King Arthur, i can say confidently that this is an artiste, who has used his genre of music (Excalibur) to defy the odds, battled hard in an Azonto and Alkaida-loving society and in the process found his prominence (Camelot). So assembling his knights of the round table (Julio Cyriaano, Nii Armah Mensah Snr, Pope Skinny, Chris Koney, DJ Manni, etc) and choosing his Guinevere – Hajia4Real  at this point in his career (though some might argue its rather late) was an exercise in order.

Aside the fact that I was a little surprised to see Hajia4Real on the list, I was equally surprised to find him include a seasoned Public Relations (PR) professional in the list of his new management team. Having said that, let me hasten to add that I believe choosing Hajia4Real, a lady who seems to have a good sense of fashion and has been in charge of his wardrobe for a while now isn’t a bad move. It’s already having a telling effect on the way the “everybody like my thing” hit maker portrays himself at recent events.

Remember his all corporate look at the Glo Caf awards? I think we may be seeing more of this “new guy” persona from him; as he has made a decision to go more corporate with his brand.

Shatta Wale seems to be a man on a mission in 2016. Everything about him this time around smacks of the statement, “I means business”. He is an artiste whose actions or inaction in one way or the other has cause many to conclude that he doesn’t appeal to Corporate Ghana thus the none of them granting him brand ambassadorial roles.

It is thus in the pursuance of this new strategic direction, I believe he opts for PR as a resort and Chris Koney, as a choice for his Public Relations and Social media efforts. This is a step in the right direction.

It is a plain but sad truth that in our little corner called Ghana, many artiste care less about reputation management (otherwise Mzbel won’t attack followers on social media or Shatta himself wouldn’t do some of the things he has done in the past). The fact is that the issue of having someone to do PR for them, is often an afterthought. At worse many have publicists or spokespersons, who know little or nothing about public relations or communication.

Chris Koney, PR and Social Media Manager for Shatta Wale 

So, in opting to go along with Chris, a seasoned public relations professional, Shatta Wale has chosen to break away from the norm and embrace best practice. In Chris Koney, he has a level-headed professional, whom I believe has what it takes and the showbiz experience to help reshape the brand of the “Kakai” hit maker.

Already, I have realised that Chris has hit the ground running. He has been the one doing all of his issues management efforts. He has been with him at interviews and reacting to issues arising from Shatta’s filing of his nomination for this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. I monitored the interview with Naa Ashokor on Starr FM and he did a good job of bringing us to a very good understanding of why Shatta has revoked his earlier decision.

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Chis Koney with Shatta Wale during an interview. 

In the past we would have seen his Bulldog do this or at worst, Shatta Wale himself would be reacting to such issues. In such instances, you and I know how these efforts often ended. Hahahahahaha! Your guess is as good as mine.

Personally, i give Shatta Wale a thumbs up for his decision to give PR a seat at his management table and more so, for sticking with a PR professional. I believe that it can only get better from here; as he choose to tilt his brand more towards the corporate side of things. My only advice to him is that in doing so, he should not forget those who have been the wind beneath his wings all these years –  grassroots fans.

What do you make of Shatta Wales decision to give PR a seat in his management team? What do you think of his choice of Chris Koney as his PR and Social Media Manager? Let’s have a conversation in my one corner.


New Year resolutions by young PR professionals

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The holiday season is over and the accompanying merry making and fireworks, which characterized it has died away.

The reality is that 2015 is now history and 2016 is  already 9 days old.

I have made some personal and professional resolutions and can guess that you have made some too. As a young PR professional, i have resolved to be more resolute, proactive, build on the success i have achieved so far and network more this year. Nine (9) days into the new year, i can say that i am working assiduously towards making them a reality.

What are yours? How is it going so far?

This week, i engaged some young PR professionals in Ghana, to share what their 2016 professional resolutions are. I have collated their responses and what they aim to achieve for themselves in 2016. This is what they had to say:


This year my focus is on social media PR and content strategy. To achieve this, i have registered for a course online.

-Rosa Antoinette Annang, Communications Associate, Stratcomm Africa

I want to contribute to the development of the profession through my work and personally improve my skills through education and practice.

-Albert Amekudzi, Selam Consult, Managing Director

In the later part of 2015, I found myself working for a tech company. I have very little knowledge about the field but I am challenged to use my communication skills to make our customers, who patronize our services have satisfactory service support and experience.

-Lydia Esenam Adzimah, Customer Support Associate, DreamOval Limited

I look forward to understanding how communication works differently in the social enterprise sector and how corporate blogging could be a catalyst for communication in that sector.

-Kofi Yeboah, Communications Strategist

I want to help change the trend in sports communications, particularly football. My aim is to help football clubs appreciate, adopt and put into practice contemporary communication techniques.

-Tamimu Issah, Communications Officer, Ghana Football Association

I intend reading or listening to materials at least once every week, on my area of interest within PR to help improve myself. I believe alongside my professional training schedule for the year, this will go a long way to help me learn new trends within the field of PR.

-Nathaniel Ekue Mensah, Corporate Communications Officer, VRA

PR trends are changing with the speed of light and the only way practitioners can influence is by “connecting to the connected”. Thus, i intend to make my social media presence more profound by being active on social media and setting up a blog to write.

I also intend to attend many more PR/Marketing related events in order to open myself up to cross fertilization of ideas/practices.

-Joshua Tigo, Public Relations Officer, Accra Polytechnic

This year, I want to strengthen the internal communication functions at my organisation, so as to give staff adequate information about all activities and projects. This will in turn make every staff member a better ambassador and eventually take us a step towards building a better brand.

-Eunice Asantewaa Asante, Corporate Communications Intern at GIZ Ghana

I intend to build stronger networks and partnerships with people, who are already doing extremely well in the field of Public Relations; to foster my personal growth and understand emerging trends and skills required to improve my work.

I also intend to develop a smart communications strategy, which will increase the visibility of my organization by bringing out key strategic messages and brand values to the doorsteps of our stakeholders, especially on social media”.

-Samuel Creppy, Communications Consultant

In 2016, I intend to write more to sharpen my writings skills. I will also seek to strategically improve my personal and professional visibility; and leverage that reputation to build on some great contacts. Furthermore, I want to take the events I organise to the next level.

-Tommy O’Dell, Communications Director, Youth Empowerment & Advocacy Program (YEAP)

As a PR professional, I have made it a point to pay attention to the things that work well for my fellow communicators and also competitors in the industry I work.  I will seek to incorporate what i learn into whatever I do.

Kwame Hagan, Freelance Communications Consultant

Are you a PR professional? What are your professional resolutions for the New year? Share them in the comment section below.

Global PR Trends Summit Accra: The Instant Cure to Creative Burnout


International public relations experts from Lego, SAP, P&G, Citi and Boehringer Ingelheim are scheduled to present at the Global PR Trends Summit Accra, Africa’s leading PR event, taking place from 18-19 February at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra.

“After the phenomenal success in 18 different countries, we are glad to confirm that the Global PR Summit is finally coming to Africa, from 18-19 February in Accra. The Global PR Trends Summit Accra is all about building a creative community that will provide PR professionals with support, value and opportunity to make things happen.  Our African colleagues will have the unique opportunity to spend two days surrounded by some of the most stimulating and forward-thinking people in the world — the instant cure to a creative burnout”, says in his statement, Kosta Petrov, P World’s CEO and organizer of the Global PR Summit Accra.

Colleen Harris

Colleen Harris, Frmr. Press Sec. to Princes Charles, William and Harry.

The two day international gathering kicks off with a presentation by Elaine Sam from IPR Ghana on the current trends and challenges in the West African PR industry. The Global PR Trends Summit Accra also includes presentations on social media and PR by Lego, Cisco, P&G and SAP, nation branding by Visit Britain, as well as presentations on CSR by Citi and Boehringer Ingelheim and reputation management by Colleen Harris, Former Press Secretary to Princes Charles William and Harry.

Lars Silberbauer

Lars Silberbauer, Global Head of Social Media, Lego

With annual shows in 18 different countries and over 6,000 PR professionals in attendance, the Global PR Trends Summit is considered to be one of the world’s fastest growing PR events. The event is organized by P World in Exclusive Partnership with Brand Communications and IPR Ghana, PR Cann from Nigeria and PRAU from Uganda as the event’s supporters.

For more information about the Global PR Trends Summit Accra please visit the event’s official website: