Media relations lessons from Stonebwoy’s Christmas surprise visits


In the last few days, all talk in Ghana’s entertainment industry has been around Wisa Greid. Whatever was the reason or lack of reason thereof behind his action on that fateful night, I think he has succeeded in setting a record on Gh Twittersphere. He has given KKD, who last year by this time was also trending, a good run for his money.

Can we say that he has given us the longest trending topic in Gh for this year? Why do i say so? Since 24th December, stories about him have been trending albeit for the wrong reason on social media. These stories, posts, or tweets have to do with either the act on the fateful night or his recent apologetic campaign on various media platforms.

If you are the only stranger in our Jerusalem, let me bring you up to speed or as the Gossipers Association will say ‘gist you’ on the incident involving him, which received so much flak from his faithful and the ire of the general public.

The “Ekiki mi” hit maker was one of the acts, who performed at Citi fm’s December to Remember event on the 24th of December. Getting to the end of his rather bland performance, he did the unthinkable. Being his first stage performance as a new act, he rather shocked the gathering by flashing his “crown jewels”. Yes you read right. He threw caution and common sense out of the window and gave patrons a night they wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

As if that was not enough, he gave the crowd the shock of their lives. Like a man who was on some aphrodisiac or psychoactive drug, he boldly went behind a dancer; who accompanied him and rubbed his “little man” against her backside. Shocked? Yeah. I was shocked too. He did that in the full glare of the public on a night and stage, where he could have left patrons something memorable than the thoughts of his “childhood”.

What he did and the implications on his brand is not the focus of my blog today. I want to highlight something, though showbiz related too, which caught my attention yesterday. It was an action by one artiste, whom i must admit is fast establishing an enviable brand for himself.

What he has been doing the last two days is not controversial enough to make the headlines or garner all the press mentions but in my opinion, any serious artiste, who means business will take a cue from what he has been doing.

Yesterday and today, Livingstone Etse Satekla , popularly known in showbiz circles as Stonebwoy Burniton, CEO of Burniton Music Group, also the current Vodafone Ghana Music Awards artiste of the year and 2015 BET Best International Act (Africa) has been touring media houses in the capital.


What has he been doing? The Ghanaian afropop, dancehall and reggae hit maker has not been resting on his oars. He has been reinforcing his brand in the last few days by using the festive occasion as an opportune moment to thank the media, whose platforms have been used to project his brand in the year 2015.

While some of his compatriots are probably at this time of the year enjoying vacations beyond our shores, counting their successes or probably losses and others are moving from one media house to the other on a “pity” campaign, he is already making it glaringly clear that he seeks to make 2016 successful and the competition even a lot more keener.

I must say that by this action he has sent a clear and resounding message. The message is that he is an artiste who knows and acknowledges the power of the media and realises that he owes so much of his success in Ghana and on the international stage to them. Personally, I believe this is how you create a brand for yourself as an artiste, while giving your fans and the general public a December to Remember.

I have been monitoring his activities on his official Facebook page since yesterday and realised that he has made surprise visits to some notable media houses such as Starr Fm, Joy Fm, Hitz Fm, Adom Fm, Y Fm, GhOne, TV3, Live Fm, Citi Fm, Okay Fm among others in order to interact with them on a personal level.

In all of these instances except Pluzz Fm, where he remarked rather humoursly “I got surprised instead…Not a soul at work when we arrived”, he has presented a cake to the media houses with the inscription “Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Bhimnation”.

I stand to be corrected but I am yet to see any of our local artistes take up an initiative of such kind to reach out to the media and in such a manner. I say kudos to the Bhimnation team for this novelty and I believe that some established and up and coming acts will take a cue from this.

In a week or so where we have seen so much “small things”, this might be a “small” gesture,  but I believe it carries so much weight. Added to this, i must admit that what a way to also subliminally promote and raise awareness about a new single. For your information, Stonebwoy recently released a new single Go Higher, which has received some positive reviews so far.

Going forward into 2016, I believe that Stonebwoy Burniton has reinforced the lessons on effective media relations. It is a lesson(s) artistes in Ghana can take a cue from and a general lesson for all who want to take up media relations seriously.

Personally, i feel in his actions, we can draw the following lessons;

  1. Effective media relations should not be an afterthought. It should be tailored and tied around actions to establish a transparent and cordial relationship with the media.
  2. Identify your strategic media partners and make them feel appreciated for being part of a  mutually beneficial relationship with your outfit.
  3. The most effective approach is to contact the media directly. A phone call, email and sometimes social media mention is always appropriate. For effective media relations, going the extra mile of calling on the media where they operate should be considered.
  4. The relationship between the media is always ongoing and it is all about building BRIDGES and not BUFFERS.
  5. The PR professional or publicist connects with the media all year round on behalf of organisations. CEO’s and captains of industry can enhance this by engaging media outlets once a while on a personal level.
  6. Last but not the least, continue to tell your story and use small (if possible random) acts to amplify your brand.

Do you have any thoughts on Stonebwoy’s recent media relations drive? Feel free to share your thoughts. Let us have a conversation in my one corner.


4 thoughts on “Media relations lessons from Stonebwoy’s Christmas surprise visits

  1. Could have done multiple of articles, than writing this long essay. Readers would get bored. The way you construct your sentences are too sophisticated. Its a just a blog not a novel.




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