An encounter with Adewale Obaseki.

“You need to start from where the consumer is.” – Adewale Obaseki

Recently, I was privileged to be part of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana’s (CIMG) event dubbed “An evening with Adewale Obaseki“. Mr Obaseki is the Managing Director of TNS Ghana; a leading international market research company, which provides clients with a full range of quantitative and qualitative insight services.

Among other memorable takeaways from the event under the theme  Integrated Marketing Strategy in a Digital Ghana, the quote above happened to be one of many, which made an indelible imprint on my memory.

The subject matter of his presentation, which was on “Connecting with the connected consumer” was of much interest to me and right from the word go, Mr Obaseki didn’t disappoint. They say Nigerians can talk but I believe the learned ones among them know their stuff. As someone trying to cut my tooth and make a mark in digital marketing, the rich, researched and informative presentation was what i needed to cap a wonderful day.

He began his attention grabbing presentation by giving participants a clear understanding of the digital trends in Ghana. As he went through the slides with us, detailing the trends in the digital marketing landscape in Ghana and the implications for Marketers, i was just spell bound throughout his delivery.

Occasionally, I scanned through the room to gauge the reception. Was i the only engrossed one? No i wasn’t. The whole room of Marketing and Communications professionals were glued and every submission from him got people nodding their heads in approval.

From his presentations,  i highlighted the following points, which i believe reflects exactly the very trend in Ghana.

  • The world is going mobile and in emerging markets such as Ghana, the preferred channel for accessing information is the mobile phone.
  • The first thing most connected Ghanaians do after waking up is to pick their phone and the last thing they do before going to bed is to pick their phone.
  • The prime time is no longer the only opportune time. With the emergence of social and digital media, there are now micro moments. People are connecting throughout the day on social media. Thus marketers cannot wait for the prime time news to connect with consumers.
  • There is social fragmentation and the world is going social because people want to connect. About 2.7 billion people are on social media.
  • The two key activities connected consumers in Ghana engage in on social media is insta-messaging and social networking.
  • On average, the connected Ghanaian is using 3.1 social platforms per day and this is probably more with the younger generation.
  • Connected consumers in Ghana are not necessarily closing their Facebook accounts but moving onto new platforms and marketers need to move along with that pace.
  • Connected Ghanaians on the average spend 3.4 hours a day on social platforms and 88 percent of that is through mobile.
  • The top 3 platforms being accessed by connected Ghanaians are Whatsapp, Facebook and Facebook messenger.
  • Connected consumers are giving out information for free in exchange for free service and information.
  • Four (4) dominant activities are common among connected Ghanaians. These are Insta-messaging, Social networking, News and sports and Gaming.
  • When deciding which social platform to use Reach and Efficiency should be taken into consideration. Marketers cannot focus on just one platform/channel because one platform amplifies the other.
  • Content isn’t Key but King.
  • Consumers want to be engaged with the content they want.
  • More people are consuming video than ever before and so it is no longer about the medium but the content.
  • The connected consumer wants a personalised content.
  • 70 percent of connected Ghanaians indicate that they are willing to engage brands online.
  • Connected consumers indicate that they want to connect more with the  Financial services online.
  • Connected consumers in Ghana are only using a handful of applications. For most people, just a few days or months after downloading an app, they delete it.
  • E-commerce is taking over the digital landscape.
  • Digital is breaking entry barriers. It is causing disruptions and giving people a lot of choices to choose from.

I found his information useful. I hope you will find it too. Let us have a conversation on his presentation. To help you have a better picture of it, i have provided an info-graphic summary of his presentation below.


Source: TNS Ghana


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