2 reasons why I love Tigo’s Yenso Nkoaa promo and TVC.

It has been months since Tigo launched and ended the “Yenso Nkoaa” promo. Like the young boy shouting “time aso oooo!”, i believe the time is right for me to share thoughts I harboured about this promo on my blog.

Below are two reasons why i like this promo and its TV commercial. Enjoy!

  1. The company (Tigo Ghana) is responding to a social problem, while equally using their brand to sensitize Ghanaians on the need to conserve power (I know some who don’t agree with the calls to conserve power because it makes no sense to conserve power in our dumsor situation).  Thus even though they are meeting subscribers halfway through this promo, they are also telling us not to lose sight of the fact that we have to conserve the little power we have in such trying times.As Robert Philips in “Trust me, PR is dead” notes, Social is the new normal not just because of social media or social business but social impact, social enterprise and social value. 


  1. They employ the element of storytelling interspersed with a hint of humour.The storyline/scenes employed in the advert is one everybody who is experiencing the dumsor in Ghana can relate to. From, the boy shouting ‘Time aso ooooo’ (Time is up), the barber working hard to beat the time, the guy who gets into a “flash-like” mode just to finish his ironing, the lady by the roadside who has to give directions ASAP upon realising her phone is low on battery, to the couple who can’t wait another day to finish the movie so they speed it up, one realises that these scenes are scenes every one of us has in one way or the other experiences during this period of dumsor.My favourite part is when the barber calls on Auntie Mercy to help him out.  Did you see the look on his face? That part cracks me up.


While critically analyzing the TV Commercial (TVC ) for this promo, the interesting thing is that you see each of the prizes they are giving out connects with the scenes mentioned above. These prizes are:

– 90 generators

– 12 power invertors

– 1260 rechargeable lamps.

– 450 power banks.

Can you see the connection? If you can, good work. If you can’t, we can chat over them later on.

Hence, it can be realised that they have been able to do  a very good environmental scanning and segmented the power needs out there for those they are targeting with this promotion.

Overall, there seems to be nothing about this promo or the TVC that one can term a fault. The company once again does a good work with the whole promo concept, in addition, the advert which is used to sustain interest in this 90-day promo.

Personally, I can only agree with Jensen, L (2001), who will say this is an Economic, Legal, and Socially Responsible Company.

Do you have any thoughts on this promo? Let’s have a conversation.


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